“Where do they come from?” you might ask. I never thought I had much to say on any particular topic until I was introduced to the world of motherhood, grief, joy, disability advocacy, navigating the medical system, and utter chaos all on the same day.

As my expectations for how I thought my life would unfold were fed through a shredder, emptied into a garbage can, and set on fire, I thought to myself, “uh oh, now what do I do?”.  What followed was a year of utter exhaustion, fumbling through learning the basics of baby care (I had only changed ONE diaper before I had my twin girls), as well as discovering that my capacity to experience happiness despite my circumstances came from somewhere and I could learn to access more of it.

So began my crash course in grief and resilience, navigating the lows and the highs of this 22-year roller coaster, seeking tips and advice from my family and friends, and hanging on to the safety bar.  I found my HEY! through all of this and you can too.